The astronomy table

This astronomy table is the work of a cabinetmaker. This planetarium revives the tradition of astronomy whose scientific instruments were very precise, educational and artistic. This table allows us to understand how moves our universe.

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A inlaid roundtable

Observe the movement of the universe.

This roundtable will transform before your eyes for your greatest delight. A brass hemisphere by hand outstretched, occurs from the surface of the inlaid roundtable. By using this table and using your own knowledge of astronomy, you will step forward for yourself in your knowledge of astronomy and understand how our universe is moving. Just look for to spot what you know in astronomy on the plateaus of the roundtable; You know much more than you thought. And bit by bit, at your own pace, you will gain your knowledge of astronomy.

A  inlaid roundtable with a brass hemispheres returned under the table

The concept of astronomy enthusiasts.....

This inlaid roundtable is the concept of enthusiasts for the planets the solar system, Moon and Sun. It has a mechanism to simulate the apparent motions of the solar system and how it works. At first glance, one immediately notices the desired decorative effect. But looking closer, this inlaid roundtable hides many other possibilities.

The work of a marquetry cabinetmaker ....

The marquetry cabinetmaker has combined the marquetry and the cabinet making with the art of scientific instruments that were the leisure attraction of the society salons of the nineteenth century. These laboratory instruments, which can found today in antique shops, are the witness of the Belle Epoque, where the artistic beauty was the ally of the scientific knowledge.

The rotation of the Earth

And yet it moves!

In the center this inlaid roundtable, a earth globe rotates on itself. It rotates at the center of a disk embodying the ecliptic plane. This disc is illuminated by lamps LED type to simulate the motion of planets, Moon and Sun. And yet it moves! That would be the purpose of Galilee after his conviction by the court of the Inquisition in 1633, but that's another story.

image animée montrant les détails d'ébénisterie mettant en valeur un globe terrestre pivotant sur son axe


Astronomy animations

All animations become possible in astronomy. Unleash your imagination and bring at your entourage in his quest for the Universe. What beautiful discoveries in perspective! Everyone can understand, in according to his sensitivity and knowledge, how works our beautiful celestial mechanics.

image animée montrant les détails de marqueterie mettant en valeur un Zodiaque pivotant sur son axe. Sur l'animation, on voit le lever du soleil au printemps.

Observation of movement of the sky

The Earth's rotation is imperceptible to us inhabitants of Earth. Only the observation of the sky reflects this movement. Seen from Earth, the privileged observatory of Men, the sky (and the Zodiac) appears as revolving around the Earth.
In the picture we see the sunrise in the spring. The Zodiac is here embodied by the inlaid plate on the move. As for the sky, it is represented by the hemisphere of brass.


Programming can be your own scenario

Ein Computer steuert alle Bewegungen und Animationen:
• polar alignment of the planetarium by stepper motor,
• movements of the earth globe and the hemisphere by stepper motor,
• animation LED lamps with electronic card
• reviews and animation with sound card.
The computer can receive your own comments and redistribute at will according to your own scenario. It is programmable by you, according to a protocol available to a facilitator. The planetarium can run, as you wish, manually or automatically.

Admire this inlay

The horizontal plate of the inlaid roundtable materializes our local horizon and help to identify the azimuths for sunrises and sunsets of celestial bodies. The marquetry highlights a open wind rose with their cardinal points. The planetarium provides comparison of the planets above and below the local horizon.
The wind rose is opened to facilitate the reading of the Zodiac. It may well imagine what happens below the local horizon and anticipate and what we will soon see.

table de salon avec rose des vents ouverte pour découvrir le Zodiaque sorti de la table


A new cosmography

Every era has given rise to a new description of the movements of the universe through different means, different media. The lounge planetarium offers here a new cosmography. Judge for yourself. Any description of events in astronomy becomes possible, simply and for example:
• sunrises and sunsets of celestial bodies,
• relative movements of heavenly bodies (Sun-Moon, Venus, Sun, etc ...)
• evolution and demotion of planets,
• eclipses, conjunctions and oppositions,
• crossing the meridian, etc .....
• and finally, any special event in connection with the messages of Heaven.
In addition, you can use the planetarium in the nature and thus the direct connection between theory and observation with the naked eye.

wonderful roundtables

The inlaid roundtables Eclipticus are wonderful roundtables. Judge for yourself by coming to see by yourself. Ask to come to discover them.

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Détail d'ébénisterie et de marqueterie sur deux tables rondes marquetées différentes

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With this planetarium, you give your entourage and your audience, the possibility to understand the beauty of our universe and fundamentals of astronomy. Carried out according to precise specifications, the planetarium will meet your particular expectations. Feel free to contact these astronomy enthusiasts. They will be happy to answer your request.

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