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The armillary spheres exist from ancient Greece. The armillary spheres are the earliest geocentric models used to understand the movements of our celestial sphere.
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Summary :

The Lounge Planetarium represents the Earth in their celestial environment. In the manner of a planetarium full vault, it can simulate the apparent movements of the stars and planets of the solar system. It does not need any dark room for its operation. It offers a reading clear, unlike other older apparatus such as Armillary spheres. It is therefore usable in a lounge, like the scientific apparatus of leisure who were the attractiveness worldly salons of the nineteenth century.
The Lounge Planetarium is usable in the great outdoors. This new option makes it possible to understand the pathways and the movement of each of the stars to locate at the same time all stars in the sky, day and night. A reading of the movement is possible both above and below the local horizon. This makes it possible to anticipate and to imagine in advance the apparent trajectory of the stars in the sky.

Arrangement of Lounge Planetarium :

Lounge Planetarium combines four modes of Featured in space long used by astronomers. But this arrangement is new material::
• The Earth globe, located in the center of the planetarium, represent the Earth on which we find ourselves. The Earth, with its network of parallel and meridian locate itself as a function of latitude and longitude of the place of observation on Earth.
• The zodiac surrounding the globe. He materializes the ecliptic plane. It simulates the apparent motion of the plane of the ecliptic around the Earth. It is divided into sectors according to several types of reading (seasons month, constellations, signs of the zodiac, celestial longitude ...). It is worn by a hemispherical shell, itself guided by the axis rotation with the globe. The zodiac is used to locate based on ecliptic longitude.
• The wind rose materializes the local horizon of the place of observation. It allows you reference mark compared to the four cardinal points of the place of observation and to read the directions for sunrises and sunsets of the stars seen from the point of observation chosen depending on the selected time.
• The equatorial plane locates ourself in space as a function of sideral hours.
These four modes Featured are commonly used by astronomers.

The advantages of Lounge Planetarium :

strong evocation of the feature of the planetarium , because the earth globe located at its center and because of this new arrangement described above.
Simulation of apparent movements observable from the Earth (geocentric view) and actual movements (heliocentric view).
Easy to read a child understand it herself !
Reading at several levels to bring for many concepts in astronomy and to learn new ones (about 70 concepts).
Handling by the spectator himself, the spectator becomes an actor,
Alliance of aesthetics and the science.
French manufacturing in Burgundy
Easy of use everything becomes clear!

This is the missing link to understand the movements of our universe
and give everyone the best possible perception of the world around us!

Armillary spheres and Loungeplanetarium - same functions :

A little history : The very first armillary spheres were developed and built during the ancient Greece, by Hipparchus and Ptolemy. They allowed them to simulate the movements observable in the sky and the movement of planets. Before the fifteenth century, most Europeans had no idea that the Earth was round. Used in the Renaissance, as a learning tool for understanding the movements of the stars of the solar system, by:
• tutors of this time for the education of princes and children of high society,
• astronomers, such Thyco Brahe who will report the exact positions of the planets,
• browsers(Magellan, Vasco da Gama, Amerigo Vespucci and Christopher Columbus), wich they embarked on the oceans to conquer unknown territories
The armillairy sphere has become, over time, the symbol of Astronomy and conquer the world. Portraits of scholars and personalities of the Renaissance show these people with an armillary sphere. These images symbolize the pinnacle of wisdom and knowledge of the universe. Today, and quite unconsciously, the armillary sphere is a subject that values the person who possesses it, although its use and reading are difficult because of armils. They have not changed much since their conception by the Greeks. Arousing still a mystery, the armillary sphere is a mythical object and decorative appreciated. From the fifteenth century, the spheres gave rise to many treaties.
This representation of space deserved to be reviewed and improved. The lounge planetarium he tries to repair this neglect of history. Now, It is possible to do understand Men the movements that punctuate their lives and the movements of the universe. It is even possible to demonstrate it simply.

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